About Us

I’ve always had an eye for detail and a passion for beauty…

I entered the beauty industry when I left school and was presented with fantastic opportunities which I embraced early in my career. I stayed within the industry for 20 years, working in both Australia and the UK.

Then a once in a life time opportunity presented itself to learn and understand pearls and the pearl industry, I was flown to the remote islands of Manihiki and Penhrynin the Cook Islands. There I was taught the skills of seeding, harvesting and grading South Sea pearls and I learnt all I could about pearl culturing.

From a background of work in the pearling industry; getting to know the oysters as living creatures, seeding and grading pearls and living among pearling families in an island environment, a great love of the pearl developed and with it a wish to share in the marketing of this beautiful gem.

I therefore established Nash Pearls in 1996, to serve as a wholesale supplier of pearls to the retail and manufacturing sectors of the jewellery industry.

From a variety of sources, a wide variety of high quality pearl stocks, loose and strands, are obtained to serve this discerning market. They include South Sea white pearls, golden pearls, black pearls, Akoya and Mabe.

In 1998, Nash Pearls extended the stock carried to include a beautiful range of quality clasps, jewellery fittings and enhancers specifically for these pearls.

Personal service is a paramount aim of Nash Pearls to ensure clients receive the best quality pearls and findings at a fair price to give incredible value and the product most suited to your requirements.

Our aim is to have you think of Nash Pearls first when thinking about the finest South Sea pearls and pearl findings.

Our motto “We Try Harder” to source the South Sea pearls you need. And your client desires.